I am Deranged

by Jacques Kustod

Jacques Kustod is project created by Andrej Kabal in 2010, strongly influenced by cosmic sound of kraut, techno, industrial electroacoustic experimentation and science fiction topics. Through its 7 year long existence, project released EP’s on labels such as Chernobyl Musick or Exitab. I am Deranged is collection of tracks made in surroundings of Petržalka,Andrej’s current residence. Its desolated, concrete themed mood strongly influenced creation of tracks for this album. Despite these on the first look unpleasing factors, album is hommage to very specific aspects of this area which can be found after deep observation, and have their unique genius loci that can be really enjoyable. Creating entire album in tiny room located in middle of this area had strong impact on everything...

recorded between 2014 - 2017 in Petržalka, Bratislava
Master by Ink Midget
photo by Katarína Poliačiková
cover design by Chaosdroid

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Curse of the Tribe

by The Blackwood Incident

First release by Evocative Objects is beautiful collection of story packed electronics by one of label masterminds Dominik Novák. Atmospheric, suggestive and psychedelic soundscapes with emotional concepts and ideas behind each of the tracks are more than decent introduction into aim of our label.

Music by The Blackwood Incident
Master by Ink Midget
Artwork by Chaosdroid
Design by Nenad Branković

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